Swooshy trousers

A review of Victory Patterns Esther Pants

Reviewed by Nina - Talesofthesewingcity on 24th February, 2019

I spent all the time I was making these trousers changing my mind about whether I loved them or thought they were a disaster – and it probably wasn’t until they were finished and I’d worn them to work that I was properly satisfied that I did, in fact, love them. It is definitely true that there’s a whole lot of fabric involved, and you wouldn’t want a heavy fabric at all. The satin-backed crepe that I used felt lovely and was great to work with, but I certainly wouldn’t have wanted anything weightier.

Instructions were clear and straightforwards, and the style is really individual. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but there aren’t a lot of other similar patterns out there like this either.

My aim was for a 1950s-Agent-Carter-esque pair of trousers, and I’m not quite sure I achieved that – but I suspect that’s rather more to do with me than the pattern.

More details on my blog here: https://talesofthesewingcity.wordpress.com/2018/05/13/agent-carter-or-coco-the-clown/