Sweet !

A review of Bonnie Blouse and Dress


Reviewed by Stitch And Press Ahn on 13th July, 2019

Sweet seems to be the word that best defines Bonnie. She is an ultra feminine blouse with 40’s style pleating. She come with 2 blouse options, with or without pleats and you can even convert her into a dress. Bonnie is a skill builder! Between her precise pleating and hidden placket, she’s not one of those patterns you can just skim through the instructions. You need to be precise with her markings and meticulously follow the directions. Don’t be afraid she is well worth the effort. I’m going to give you some tips to help you along.

Modifications: I made a straight 10 (SOI usual) no modifications, but bonnie is a crop top, so make sure you either make a muslin or take good measurements. I”m long waisted and made the rookie mistake and didn’t add to the bodice. She needed around 1 inch in length to be perfect! The blouse is still wearable but I easily show tummy.

Do not miss a mark or a notch on your fabric! Those pleats need to be evenly spaced or they will look funny. Practice those pleats on paper, fold the pattern. The right side of the front bodice has a hidden placket, so I recommend you start with the left side so you can wrap your head around the pleats without the hidden placket confusing you! Once you do one side the other is a breeze!

I have more photos on my instagram if you want to take a look!