Sweet Clover

A review of Mélilot Shirt

Reviewed by Hannah on 29th February, 2020

I made two of these shirts in quick succession, which hopefully tells you that I like the pattern!

I went for the short sleeves with the rounded collar. I chose not to sew buttonholes all the way up to the top because I knew I wouldn’t do it up that far. Instead, I found the bust apex and worked one button up from that and made the rest below.

I cut a 38/40/40/42 (shoulder/bust/waist/hip) and shortened the bodice by about an inch.

For more details, I wrote a blog post…https://yorkiemousehouse.home.blog/2020/02/28/sweet-clover/

Definitely recommend this pattern!

June 2021 update: I made a long sleeved version with contrast elements. Still love this pattern!

For photos, please go to https://yorkiemousehousehome.wordpress.com/2021/06/21/inspired-melilot/