Super Comfy Dungarees

A review of Merchant & Mills Harlene Dungarees

Reviewed by r.grafton1 on 28th January, 2021

These are probably the most comfortable thing to wear right now – so cosy can warm.  I have been wanting to make a more relaxed fitting pair of dungarees for ages but just couldn’t find the right pattern.  But thanks to a bit of inspiration on social media I spotted this pattern and just had to give it a go!

The dungarees are designed to be made up in a nice thick stable fabric and I chose a lovely chunky black cord for mine and I think it worked well.  There are quite a few pattern pieces but no interfacing is needed which surprised me at first but considering the type of fabric I used I don’t think it is necessary at all.

The construction is pretty involved as there is an awful lot of topstitching (which is completely optional) so I took my time slowly working through all the steps.  It is definitely a more advanced pattern and your sewing machine needs to be able to work with heavy fabrics and to happily topstitch if you are doing this.

I found the instructions easy to follow, although I was frustrated at times when in the instructions they didn’t write the full name of the pattern pieces and relied on you knowing the number of the pattern piece which meant I had to keep referring back to check.  Aside from this the instructions were incredibly clear to follow.

I had to make a lot of adjustments in the length of the leg as I am quite tall and I was pleased that there are multiple areas marked on the pattern pieces where adjustments can be made which is very handy.  I made the size 12 and they fit perfectly and nice and loose which is the style.

If you are looking for a good dungaree pattern to replicate those in the shops and you are an experienced sewer I would definitely recommend!