Sundance Jacket

A review of Sundance Jacket


Reviewed by stoffigecharlotte on 24th December, 2015

This is a nice pattern for a sporty jacket. It has lots of options (hood or collar, cuffs on the sleeves or no sleeves at all…) and with the interesting seamlines you could do lots of colour blocking. The fit of the jacket was pretty spot on for me after I graded between different sizes based on my measurements. I do think it’s a bit tight (especially the sleeves), but I think that’s just the style.

I found the instructions ok, but not great. Taping up the pattern seemed complicated at the beginning but actually turned out to be quicker and easier than other methods I’m used to. The instructions for sewing were explained well enough, but it was slightly confusing to figure out which steps to skip (since they talked about other variations than the one I was making). Also, the instructions included mostly drawings, but also photos, and the fabrics used in the photographs would vary in different steps. I thought this was a bit messy, but other than that the instructions were fine.

I used some leftover ponte di roma fabric. I made a few changes to the pattern, including shortening it by 2 centimeters or so (my zipper just wasn’t long enough…) and shortening the cuffs because there was just a bit too much fabric there to my taste. In a next version I would be even more careful when sewing the zipper, because it turned out a bit wavy in the end. I would probably use some interfacing to stabilise the fabric, although this is not a recommended step in the pattern instructions.