Summer playsuit Zadie in linen

A review of Paper Theory Patterns Zadie Jumpsuit

Reviewed by Belle Citadel on 17th May, 2021

The Zadie is a now a classic pattern in indie sewing and I decided to make this one as a playsuit, with shorts instead of long trouser legs. I made the size 16, which is a size down from my measurements and fits me nicely without being at all tight. Many people have shortened the crotch in this pattern, but it fits me very well, as I’m rather long-hipped.

This is the second Zadie I’ve made and the only adjustment I made was to shorten the back crotch by about half an inch (1.25cm) as my bum was a little baggy in the last one. 🙂

The fabric is a beautiful linen by Nani Iro/Kokka and is Jardin I black. I only had 2.5m of it (it’s pretty narrow) and hence why the idea to make shorts arose! It’s such a fast project and construction is very well explained, with great illustrations.

For more details and pics on the changes I made for the shorts, feel free to visit my blog here at Belle Citadel if you’re interested 🙂