Sucker for a statement sleeve!

A review of Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top and Dress

Reviewed by @Chatterstitch on 26th November, 2020

Well, I think I might have just found my new favourite blouse pattern!

Don’t you just love those features which make the handmade stand out from RTW?                                Well for me its the statement sleeve, when I first started making the Cielo in this bubble crepe I was unsure whether the fabric had sufficient body to do justice to those sleeves, but the pattern has these ingenious cuffs and as they are double thickness really hold the shape, I did consider interfacing the cuffs, but I’m glad I didn’t as they are just perfect without!!                                                                               I made the size 12 and love the fit, the neckline is just high enough to not show bra straps and I love that!! I only made one adjustment and that was to lengthen the back and front pieces by 5cms and I think the length is perfect for me now. (I’m 5′ 8″)

The Cielo is another great Closet Core pattern.

Great fit with just bust darts, no tricky fitting issues or fastenings. I’ll definitely be making more!!