Such a Cool Dress

A review of Underwood Tank Dress and Top

Reviewed by making pretty patterns on 29th August, 2019

What  inspirational artwork for this pattern cover from Sewhouse 7. Could be a cool band album cover. I had to have a go at my own version! Ha Ha poor teddy!

I wouldn’t have chosen this pattern if it hadn’t been for a friend. It wasn’t really on my radar. Why not!? It’s fantastic. I’m just annoyed that I haven’t had it for every single holiday I’ve ever been on. It will be great for packing, rolled up, and then worn during the day for beach, sight seeing, anything, and then easily ramped up for evening with a long drapey necklace or funky earrings.

There are lots of hints and useful tips included in the instructions of this pattern. It gives two options to finish the neckline and armholes. To begin with I made a viscose jersey version. For this I did the turning under method, after using a bias forming tape to stabilise. However when I tried it on the armholes were tight and the neckline seemed higher than on the pattern photos. I later found out that this it due to the fabric I used being no where near as stretchy and springy as the bamboo jersey that the pattern is based around.

So I unpicked and and then cut away a couple of cm from the armholes and finished them by turning under, without any seam tape. I left the neck line alone as perfectly acceptable. Now writing this, I am criticising myself for unpicking. Could have just cut away! DOH!!!

For my second version I ordered jersey Bamboo from Raystitch. I realised how different the fabric is to the viscose I had used. So springy and elastic! Very soft with a lovely matt appearance. I did add length to the shoulder straps to try and rectify the afore-mentioned fit issues but because of the increased give with this fabric the issue didn’t exist, and so I reverted back to the original pattern. You live and learn!
Due the luxurious fabric I decided to try the binding method for the finishing this time. I am very pleased with the result. Feels proper, but visibly no different.

I ordered the prescribed 2.5 meters of fabric for my size, and used just about all of that for my first patterned version, but managed to squeeze it out of 1.5 for the plain bamboo one. The dress is basically a triangle, so I inverted the pattern pieces on the the same width of fabric moving my fold accordingly, if that makes any sense. Difficult to explain.

To sum up. Bamboo Jersey gets my vote for this super versatile dress that is such a wardrobe staple. It would have been easily overlooked. I am guilty of making treasures that are occasionally worn. I need to make more items like this that are true to my everyday style. 
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