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A review of Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 30th June, 2021

It’s not the dress, it’s me!!

I can appreciate we need to step out of our comfort zone every so often. The Myosotis Dress by Deer and Doe in this tiny spotty viscose was me, doing just that.

I had a vision that I’ve just not pulled off here.

There’s nothing wrong with the dress, per se. It is just me in it;)!

I made the size 40, matching the bust 36.25”. I’m a 35.5” bust. It fits perfectly above the waist.

However, there are things I love. The bodice fits beautifully. I love the neckline. I left off the buttons and just sewed the placket closed.

I just need to work out what to do to turn it into something I will wear!

There are more details and thoughts on my blog




I also love the sleeves.