Starry Sirocco

A review of Sirocco Jumpsuit


Reviewed by English Girl At Home on 21st October, 2019

I made a previous Sirocco but decided that the crotch was too low for me to be comfortable wearing the jumpsuit, so for this second version I still cut a size 38/40 except for the seams at the top of the trousers and bottom of the bodice, where I graded down to size 34 (the smallest size in the pattern). This worked perfectly to raise the crotch without impacting the construction of the pattern (including attaching the pockets to the trousers at the waist seam which I was worried would be affected by a more major alteration).

This version was made in a medium weight knit fabric with a gold stars print. This is a sweat-shirting-type fabric with a soft wrong-side, and I really like this jumpsuit in a slightly weightier fabric.