Solina dress

A review of Breaking the Pattern Book by Saara & Laura Huto


Reviewed by thepetitepassions on 15th June, 2019

This is one of the best pattern books in my collection because of the sheer number of patterns and variations that are included in it. The designs are sleek, modern and fit together really well to create a classic wardrobe – they can also be used very effectively as a starting point for a lot of wardrobe basics.
I made the Solina dress and adjusted it very little. What was a nice surprise was how well the size fit – normally I have to make lots of adjustments from the ‘suggested’ size but there were very few on this. The waist ties help enormously with that too.
Also…the fabric for this only cost me £10, in total. I bought ti from the Textile Centre’s stall at the knitting and stitching show. Love a bargain.

There’s a LOT more detail about this pattern and the book itself over on my blog –