Simple Yet Stylish

A review of Our Lady of Leisure Gimlet Boilersuit

Reviewed by Kaddis on 4th August, 2021

The Gimlet Boilersuit is a fab design that is comfortable to wear and also looks great. It features a flat collar, tie belt, pockets and a button up front. I made a straight size C which is the UK equivalent of a size 10 with no adjustments. I usually do an FBA but the ease in the garment meant that I didn’t need to. Fitting is a doddle because you just cinch the waist in with the belt.

This was my first time making a pattern by this company and I’m really happy with it. I thought the instructions were clear and the illustrations were helpful. The construction is very straightforward and it can easily be sewn up in an afternoon. I used a linen viscose for my version and it’s worked really well. I’d like to make further versions in courdroy and denim.

I’ve only given the pattern four stars because there are a few errors in the pattern. A couple of the pattern pieces are mislabelled and the instructions tell you to cut out one collar piece when you obviously need two. It wasn’t a big deal for me as I’m a competent sewist but it could catch out someone less experienced.

Aside from those minor details it’s a great design and I’ve had non stop compliments when wearing it.