Simple is the way to go

A review of Closet Core Patterns Fiore Skirt

Reviewed by beckymarkus on 17th October, 2019

The first time I used this pattern, I made the wrap skirt version, using a cotton seersucker. The pattern was relatively simple (except the pocket construction does get a bit bamboozling at some points), but I don’t love it. The skirt flies open at my thigh, which I don’t love, and I haven’t worn the skirt since making it months ago, which is to me usually the sign of an unsuccessful project.

The simplest version, though, I love. It is flattering in all the right places and I thought an A-line skirt is just an A-line skirt until I tried this pattern. There is one thing I found highly problematic, and that is that it calls for a 7″ zipper, and with a 7″ zipper I was not able to get it on (not even over my head, where the biggest measurement is my 36″ bust) – I believe I made a size 10 – I’m big in the hips – 41″ to a 30″ waist, and I cannot understand how anyone would be able to get the skirt on when the zipper opens only 6″. I ended up cutting it out and putting in a 10″ zipper, because the skirt looked so beautiful it would’ve been heartbreaking not to wear it. A lot of Instagrammers seem to have made the wrap skirt, so I haven’t seen this issue come up with anyone else. If you’re a woman with hips, beware the 7″ zipper on the zippered version!

Otherwise, a beautifully drafted pattern.