Seren Dress

Reviewed by Indigo.infusion on 19th October, 2018

So I finally got around to Sewing See an after having fabric and pattern since it’s release. I love this dress, so much, it’s really comfy i think it is quite flattering. I like having that longer length option, and I love the tie waist.sewing the dress was relatively easy, though I then found i really had to alter the neckline of the bodice, the back was such a problem there was just so much room under my armpits and across my chest, still as I had gone no flounce I was able to unpick a little of the understitching and take it in at the top part. The waist fitness pretty much perfect and I had already gone up two sizes for my hips. I did have to the readjust the straps so they came across the front a bit so as to a be comfy and b cover my bra straps. Next time I shall go down a size or two for the bodice neckline and facing and hope it fits better. Fabric wise it is a floral bodice from plush addict and the buttons are whimwham buttons and I love them. Hoping to make more Seren at some point i would like a flounce version. This took me from a Friday through the following to complete but that was made up of grabbing evening here and there and I did have to wait for my buttons to arrive so I reckon if you have the time you could do it in a day or two.