Secret pyjamas!

A review of Joan Trousers

Reviewed by joy.margot on 8th April, 2019

I nabbed the Joan pattern from the Fold Line stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show after squealing with excitement at the prospect of secret pyjamas!

Despite fitting very neatly into the measurements for a size small, they came up way too tight. I started trying to unpick the seams with the intention of re-sewing with a smaller seam allowance, but the ponte was virtually impossible to unpick and I had to abandon them.

I re-cut a size medium in a gorgeous ochre ponte from Escape and Create. The fit of the medium was spot on, although I cut a much larger length of elastic to stabilise the waistband than they suggest. I went for 95% the length of the waistband to avoid a muffin top.

The waistband overlaps at the centre front and is finished with an ornamental button. Despite a good fit on the waist and hips, the band pulled awkwardly at the button point. I tried slipstitching around the end of the waistband but this didn’t give a clean finish. I ended up unpicking, joining the front with a seam and doing away with the faux “join”. I must get around to sewing another faux button back on, as it looks a little strange having the seam off-centre! Next time, I’ll just put the seam at the back and not bother with the button.

Despite the sizing and waistband issues, these are one of my favourite makes ever! They are so comfy to wear, quick to sew, look super cute and THEY HAVE POCKETS!

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