Scout Tee

A review of Scout Tee


Reviewed by sewingalacarte on 19th October, 2018

Although this the Grainline Scout Tee was released in 2011 it still is a populair pattern. The pattern is wel drafted just like the sewing instructions and illustrations. After some measuring I printed size 6. I used two types of fabric: crepe for the front and sleeves and jersey for the back. Both fabrics have almost the weight. This is important because when one fabric is heavier then the other one it will probably cause fabric shifting. Alterations: the neckline into a boatneck shape (boatneck is finished with on the bias cut tape using the overlap method) and welt breast pocket added. The crepe fabric is stitched with white yarn and the jersey fabric with black for a polished result. Overal a good pattern for a beginner with great result.
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