Savannah tank top

A review of Savannah Chemise


Reviewed by BlueSkyStitches on 13th September, 2020

I made my Seamwork Savannah top out of a floaty polyester crape which has a beautiful abstract floral print. I love how it turned out and can definitely see myself making more in the future although I will try to steer clear of polyester in the future! The fit was great for me, I graded across two sizes with 10 at the bust and 14 at the hips to ensure it wasn’t too huggy and had a soft silhouette. I didn’t want lace at the top so edited how it was finished by adding a half lining and then sandwiching the straps in between. The other change that I made was adding little bows to the straps which had the added benefit of making it adjustable. The only difficult bit was the cutting of the fabric on the bias which was more to do with my fabric choice than the pattern, but something to note if you are planning to make one.

Overall I would say that this is a great beginner-friendly (apart from being bias cut) wardrobe staple that I will be making many of for those summer months. It also requires very little fabric and I will be using it to get rid of those ‘less than a meter’ scraps in my stash.

If you would like to see more pictures and more detail check out my blog post here.