Sapporo Coat – Papercut Patterns

A review of Papercut Patterns Nova Coat and Jacket

Reviewed by pineauoleary on 5th April, 2018

So we got tickets to the Munich Opera Festival this July and that meant a) I need something a bit smarter than my usual opera-going getup and b) I have no money left. I had a dream of a sheer jacket that would look kind of interesting but would be packable and cool. I like cocoon shapes and that led me to Sapporo. I’ve just started sewing again after a 15 year break. So, having managed a t shirt and a pair of pyjama shorts, what better to try next…

Slippery fabric? Sheer so no hiding place for mistakes? Curved seams on the bias? Yup, all of those!

Well despite all that I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I’ll spare you the details of my cutting out method but let’s just say it involves a felt tip, lots of sardine tins and a lot of swearing. After that sewing the thing was relatively easy. I did French seams throughout so everything is a straight stitch. I didn’t include a lining or pockets as no-one wants to see a manky tissue through lime green organza. I hemmed the facing edge and that means that the inside edge turns into the outside edge on the way down the front – which is good, it adds to the movement and shape.

I thought this would be a practice run but actually I think this is the real thing. The photos are terrible I know, but in reality this is beautifully crunchy, scrunchy and fun and makes me smile every time!e I look at it. And I’ve got a really good pattern in the bank for when I do actually want a coat!