Quick, easy make

A review of Waves & Wild Heyday Dungarees

Reviewed by Kilcookie on 20th January, 2021

I’ve made 4 pairs of these dungarees now – they are such a simple, easy and quick make.

The loose fit means you dont need to worry too much about sizing, although this makes them a much more casual style than say, the Mila dungarees by TATB.

I can easily make a set in a morning, and the possibilities for styling are endless. I particularly enjoyed making a 3/4 length sequin pair and much prefer to wear all styles rolled up, so have added a leopard print cuff on a black pair, with leopard binding on the seams. Pattern matching tartan is not something i’d do again!

Although these work in lighter fabrics, i’ve preferred the drape and style of twill, and have gone as heavy as suedette.

One thing to watch out for is using eyelets – I have found the stress of the straps pulling has caused the eyelets to pull out of the fabric, so just use the fabric loop option.