Queenie x Vernazza swimsuit

A review of Friday Pattern Company Vernazza Two Piece Bikini

Reviewed by MelleMiio on 2nd September, 2019

I did make the top and the bottoms of this pattern however I only kept the bottoms. The top was too small, my fault mostly because I found that a lot of makes were too big and winkling around the straps. So I tought I should size down but I made 2 sizes down and it was too much. The bottoms are mosly OK but with a bit too much fabric at the back due to my sway back I guess.

Anyway, after that, I decided to make my swimsuit’s top with the hacked Queenie bralette.

The pattern is OK but I’m not too sure about sizing. I was also more comfortable with the explanations from Evie La Luve than Friday Pattern, even if they are OK too.
More details on my blog: https://miio.org/sofar/aiguille-ciseaux/coudre-maillot-de-bain-queenie-vernazza