Portobello trousers

A review of Nina Lee Portobello Trousers

Reviewed by redwsews on 19th October, 2018

I made the Nina Lee Portobello trousers up in a lovely woven viscose I got from Stoff & Sti in last year’s sale. I used around 2m of the fabric.

The pattern came together really well and was clearly explained. It’s a fairly simple sew, with pleats on the front trouser and darts on the back. You also stitch the waistband in place in the ditch, although you can do hand slipstitches if you prefer that (I’m generally too lazy!)

I’m really pleased with the finished trousers; the pleats are slightly outside my comfort zone, but overall they’re just so floaty and cool, I don’t care! Also, pockets!

Full details are on my blog at https://redwsews.wordpress.com/2018/07/02/portobello-perfection/