Pop of Color Coat

A review of Breaking the Pattern Book by Saara & Laura Huto


Reviewed by AnaPlanda on 12th February, 2020

I think this is a great pattern with interesting style lines. I loved the option to mix and match two fabrics and I think this red wool remnant I had goes so good with the main blue/gray fabric.  The main fabric is a mystery fabric – it has two sides and for the coat shell, I used the side with miexed colors. The other side is dark blue and I used that one on the belt. The fabric was a bit too thick to work with at times so I was happy to use the thinner red wool for belt loops and collar details.

I took the sleeves in but they still feel a bit too wide. Not sure if that is due to the fabric or pattern. They are also a smidge too short and that is something I would change if I made another one.

The construction of the coat and the instructions are good, but not all steps are as detailed. The book does not really share all steps as detailed as other Named individual patterns tend to.

I have a blog post with more photos and details available here for those who are interested: https://thesewingnomade.com/2019/03/15/halla-coat-by-named-patterns-breaking-the-pattern-book/