Pneuma Tank

Reviewed by JohannaLu on 21st June, 2016

The Pneuma tank top is very on trend and would be a great pattern if you are into the Lululemon aesthetic . The top curves out over the tummy and hips, thus making it very flattering and comfortable to wear. Also the top is fairly easy to make. Not a beginner pattern per se, but if you’ve done a few knit tops and are looking for the next level project, this pattern would be a great choice.
That said the construction of the top makes it har to achieve a flawless finishing. The large curved hem causes the seam to twist a bit, and the draping, the shape of the neckline and two strap attachment in the front also causes the top to look a bit shapeless.

My suggestions:
*Pick a more stable fabric for the tank top
*Add a third strap and or make your own wider straps to stabilize the front
*Instead of using regular elastic and just turning and zigzagging I recommend either cover the bra with fold-over elastic or do a binding with ribbing or self fabric
*Another option for a neat looking bra is to use a lining,
*If you have a coverstitch machine, use that one for topstitching the tank top as the differential feed will keep the fabric from stretching out.