Persephone Pants and Shorts PDF review

A review of Anna Allen Persephone Pants and Shorts

Reviewed by emilia_to_nuno on 6th August, 2019

This is a great pattern, surprisingly quick and easy. Once you get the fit right for differet fabrics (e.g. lightweight and heavyweight) you can win these beauties up in a couple of hours.
If you are a pants neophyte, this pattern is for you: Anna Allen really holds your hand every step of the way. The illustrations are also good.

I love the high waist and the lack of side seams. I dont like the pockets, tho. My waist is very small and no matter where I place the pockets, they always end up sitting on the curve of my waist, therefore being useless.
As for fabric, I made three versions over the years: one in cotton duck canvas, a shorts version in heavyweight linen chambray, and a last one (pictured here) in linen.
I made several pattern alterations: Swayback, graded the waist to a size 0 from a size 4, removed about 1 cm from the inner thigh.
Overall I really recommend this patter. It works well in a variety of fabrics, tho it really shines in a stiff, heavyweight one.