Perfect work trousers

A review of Fibre Mood Billie Trousers

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 5th October, 2021

I was desperate for more work trousers and was thinking a looser fit, and possibly a more current shape, was the way forward.

These Fibremood Billie trousers fit the bill perfectly. I would say they are a little on the trending ‘balloon’ shape in the leg.

They are fairly cropped. A pretty perfect autumn length for me, but I’m 5ft 3, so yes, cropped.

I did have to dig around for the size chart to work out my preferred size. I found it on the Fibremood website, my printed pattern only gave me the finished garment measurements. The ease, as I found out is generous.

These particular trousers were actually my toile. But after making the adjustments I really liked them, so deconstructed them and reassembled them with more care and the correct stitch length etc. Hence why they don’t have any side pockets. And to be honest, I don’t miss them.

In accordance with the size chart, I made a UK size 10, size 38, and graded up to a UK size 14, size 42, at the waist.

I carefully, to avoid stretching, tried them on before adding the waistband and could see gapping around the waist, enough to reduce the waist back down to a size 38, my hip size.

After adjusting the seams, I altered the waistband accordingly and attached it for a final try on which was pretty perfect.

The instructions that come with the printed pattern are more diagram based than hand holding, which was fine for most of the make. But the written instructions, found on the website, helped me fill in the gaps.

I was so pleased with these when I’d finished them I couldn’t wait to wear them!!! For more details on the adjustment I made see my blog post