Perfect comfy number

A review of Fibre Mood Ida Top

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 19th July, 2021

This is the Ida top by Fibremood, but lengthened into a dress. My pattern, direct from Fibremood, did not come with the dress option.
The Ida is a loose cut top and two V necklines, one at the front and one at the back. I choose to wear the slightly deeper one at the back.
Both ‘Vs’ finished with nice deep facings.

Simple square cuffs finish the grown-on sleeves.
I went with the size 10 (sized down ever so slightly from my bust measurement) lengthened to match a RTW dress I own. However on finishing and trying it on with the wide belt (copied from my previous Nikau Dress), the resulting frock was much too short and also too tight around my hips for elegance!
So, I chopped of the bottom and now it is an Ida top!

Fortunately, I had plenty of snake skin print fabric so off I went again, widening by an inch from the waist down, both sides.
It would really benefit from a couple of bra strap retainers to keep the shoulders exactly in place and not falling back or front, or side. 🙂

It definitely (in my case) needed the belt, which in itself looks like I have an anaconda wrapped around my waist.
In the dress version I choose not to interface the sleeve cuffs, which look better for the dress version I think.
A comfy but slippery number in a fabulous fabric. There are more details and images on my blog