Perfect bomber jacket

A review of Child/Teen/Women's Charlie Bomber Jacket 3675


Reviewed by Bess Hills on 4th December, 2019

I made up this bomber jacket in sequinned tulle, heavy loopback sweatshirting and cuffing. My niece is 12 but short for her age so I cut out a p and shortened the waist by 35mm and the arms by 15mm, otherwise it is to the pattern. Because sequins can be scratchy I bound the armholes and collar seam with jersey binding, and I constructed the zip slightly differently so I could sandwich it between the lining (sweatshirting) and the sequins. It all went together really well, I particularly loved the pocket construction – I was nervous about them and contemplated leaving them out but then… pockets! A girl needs pockets! I’m terrible at reading and comprehending instructions and usually just make it up as best I can but these were really clear and easy to follow.

The whole thing took 5 hours- including tracing out the pattern and finding / setting up all my stuff, and coffee! it would have been much quicker in a non sequinned fabric and/or unlined.

Charlie bomber jacket by Jalie patterns made using sequinned tulle and sweatshirting jersey Multicolour sequinned tulle from Stone Fabrics