Penny Dress

A review of Penny Dress


Reviewed by LindsayJaneane on 19th October, 2018

Colette Penny is the first shirt dress I’ve made and I am incredibly pleased with the result. This is version 2 (sleeveless with a two-piece overlapping waist band). It is fitted at the bust and waist with pockets in the skirt and facings to finish the arm holes.

The collar and placket make this an intermediate make but if you’ve made a collared shirt before this pattern should be fine for you. The gathered belt is a bit tricky as well. The gathers are only held in place with pressing. I will have to see how it wears and may do more to tack the gathers down later.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully with this make. The version 1 and 2 instructions are combined but differ in some very important ways. I would recommend highlighting your version before you start so you don’t accidentally follow the wrong ones (like I did).

I’ve included more notes about some things to watch out for and more photos on my blog: