PDF Pattern Requires Colour Printer

A review of Alice & Co Patterns Intrepid Boiler Suit

Reviewed by sewrcery on 3rd February, 2022

I just purchased this pattern from the Alice & Co website and haven’t made it yet. I wanted to warn potential buyers that this pdf pattern requires a colour printer. The sizes are different coloured lines (not the typical different line weights/dashed lines). There are no pdf layering options, so you cannot print just the size(s) you need.

My printer is black ink only. Unfortunately, the sizes all printed the same darkness, so I can’t tell the difference between the different sizes. I am going to have to count the lines to figure out which line corresponds with my size when I cut the pattern. I am obviously disappointed and pretty annoyed. It is not clear on the Alice &Co website or this webpage that their pdf patterns require a colour printer. It is mentioned in a sentence when you click through for more details on pdf printing. It should be mentioned though, on the main pattern page.

I will post a review of the pattern when I make it. However, I would not recommend this pattern at this point.