Oslo: a gentle introduction to tailoring

A review of Tessuti Fabrics Oslo Coat

Reviewed by aitchey on 8th April, 2021

I was terrified of making this coat for some time, because tailoring is scary right? Turns out it’s not scary at all and I just needed to take the plunge.

This pattern’s instructions were very easy to follow and I more or less love the final product. It came together easily and I was especially impressed with the lining technique.  But the pattern has a few flaws.

The pictures are too dark, so unhelpful if you’re a visual learner.

The shawl collar rolls up at the back. This may just be my forward shoulder but I followed the instructions and I think the only way I could have avoided this is by using overly stiff interfacing.

The collar rolls up

The sizing also leaves something to be desired, I’m just above the top measurements but this is a loose fit and it was the only pattern I could find in the shape I wanted at the time.

My main alterations were an FBA, a sway back adjustment and lengthening the sleeves.

More on my process at https://aitcheysews.wordpress.com/2021/04/06/__trashed/