Olya Shirt – Paper Theory Patterns

A review of Paper Theory Patterns Olya Shirt and Dress

Reviewed by Practicing Sewist on 16th May, 2020

General Comments:
This was an interesting challenge as it was my first shirt pattern and it has some unusual design elements. I really enjoyed this make and found the pattern to be very well drafted. I did not include the pockets as I am quite short-bodied with a larger bust, additionally, the fabric I used had a lot of drape and I thought that the pockets would droop unbecomingly 🙂 I really love the finished shirt….well almost finished as I need buttons but due to Covid, I can’t get any right now!

Size made: 14 with no adjustments.
Measurements: B37.5, W32, H41
Future adjustments:
If I was to make this in a less drapey fabric I would consider sizing down. I need to shorten the arms by the width of the cuff.

Fabric: I made this with a linen viscose from Blackbird Fabrics. It was a good choice as far as pressing but frayed quite badly. This is not the pattern for easily fraying fabric as the seam allowances are only 1 cm and there are a number of spots in the construction where you need to clip into the corners. I used too heavy of interfacing and should not have interfaced both sides of the collar, collar stand or cuffs. In future I will only interface one side.

I will definitely make this one again!