Olya Shirt and Dress PDF review

A review of Paper Theory Patterns Olya Shirt and Dress

Reviewed by emilia_to_nuno on 5th January, 2019

Wearing shirts almost daily, I am always looking for new takes on this classic piece. The Olya shirt did not disappoint!

The construction is quite interesting, with a one-piece yoke with continues into the sleeves. The length is also of my liking, since it can be tucked in or worn untucked, with enough length to show below a sweater hem line. The only point I am not are about are the pockets: they are are attached from the yoke, but on my body they sit a bit weirdly on top of my bust, and they tent to open, so I think I should close them with a button, or skip them entirely.

The instructions are very clear, and I recommend this patter as a gateway to shirt making. I must admit I barely followed them, though I did appreciate the sudden slap to the patriarchy when it came to the direction of the closure!

Overall, I would recommend this patter to the sewist looking for an alternative take in shirts, especially if a beginner.

I used cotton poplin, and the finished product has enough stiffness to hold its architectural shape, but is also soft on the skin. I reckon linen would also make a spectacular Olya shirt.