Nice but difficult

A review of Paper Theory Patterns Block Tee

Reviewed by Shirley Scott on 1st August, 2019

Firstly this was my first time purchasing a PDF pattern. I have decided, I will never purchase one again. The test page was correct when printed but I found that some of them didn’t quite match up. I also found the markings for the notches inadequate. Very small and not clear at all. I also thought that the price of the pattern was far too expensive. I made my version of the Kabuki Tee with cheap material as I didn’t want to waste good material as reviews had said it was hard to do around the armholes. I even watched a you tube video on how to do the right angle for the armholes but I still messed up. The armholes looked bad. The overall appearance wasn’t too bad but none of the notches that I placed on my fabric matched any of the other notches except for the back armholes for both sleeves. I wish this pattern was in a paper format and I would love it if Paper Theory would do a full video on how to do the Kabuki Tee from start to finish. I know you can send it off to be printed using the AO version but that makes this even more expensive. I may make this again, or it may stay in a PDF folder all on it’s own, never to surface ever again. However, if I do make it again, I will place another review to let you all know how it went.