New York Cape

A review of New York Cape


Reviewed by Cikka on 15th October, 2015

This was a great pattern. The pdf was ok to put together considering I can’t stand doing it. Instructions were detailed and clear. The cape is fabulous, I have received so many compliments on it. I made it out of some black vicuna wool that was old days stash. Beautiful, quite thick, and non-fraying. It didn’t even need binding, but I always bind unlined outerwear seams, and I did this in bright red rayon bias binding all the way. It was made to fill a hole in my wardrobe – between the light jacket time to the heavier jacket time – and it works perfectly. I sewed on my wool binding on the outside edges by hand, it just woudln’t work well by machine, and did the buttonholes by hand again, in bright red thread with purposely uneven stitches. Buttons were also stash:). Recommend