New style fir me

A review of Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set

Reviewed by Eliza-sew-little on 25th August, 2022

I love the idea of a jumpsuit look without the jumpsuit faff. And it does just that!

I made it up according to my measurements- different size top and bottom. I made my usual adjustments to front and back crotch length. I could have taken even more off front crotch length. It’s huge!

the top was trickier to fit on me. I lengthened it but ended up taking most off. I didn’t fancy the ties so tapered the front piece to make it more of overlap and less revealing. Not sure how well it’s worked.

Its a new style for me. I’m not sure how comfortable all that gathering and elastic are around my middle. Perhaps my fabric was a tad thick? I wore it all day yesterday and felt I was constantly adjusting bits.

I used a wonderful loose weave linen from Maculloch and Wallis. It has weight and drape. The trousers feel great and have a wonderful swish! I’m less sure about the top

it is a quick and easy set to make. Probably works betters in cotton lawn or floppy viscose.

Time will tell how much I reach for it to wear. I’m not as pleased with it as I thought I would be given how many others love it! Hey ho. Still it’s fun trying new styles!!