Nettie Dress and Bodysuit

A review of Nettie Dress and Bodysuit


Reviewed by EllieMacLulich on 24th June, 2016

As an avid LOVER of bodysuits I am so excited to say that this pattern was a complete hit. The first day I wore it I (quite literally) had four people ask me to make them one and honestly I have no problem doing that because this was a sinch to make.

All up from cutting the pattern out, cutting the fabric and sewing everything together it probably took about 3 hours to make and I think the more I do it the faster I will get.

The most tedious part of this project was definitely hand sewing the claps for the snap crotch and in all honesty I think next time I would potentially forgo it altogether. However if you are interested in the snap crotch A WORD OF WARNING: don’t buy small clasps, I did and found that they weren’t strong enough and kept snapping open.

Pattern Size: I cut a size 10 and it was perfect. If you are in-between sizes, say your top is a 10 and your bottom is a 12, they walk you through how to adjust the pattern.

Fabric Used: I used a cotton-elastin blend. It is and MUST be a 4-way stretch with a really good amount of snap back and the material is about a medium/heavy weight so acts almost like shapewear.

Did It Look Like The Photo/Drawing On The Pattern When You Were Done: Yes it was really spot on. It was a beautiful snug fit as they described, incredibly comfortable and flattering.

I cannot wait to have another go at this pattern and all its various options, I am even thinking ahead to next summer when I think the really low back option would make for a great swim suit! This is such a versatile pattern and I have seen some really interesting and creative variations of it online. Bodysuits are brilliant staple to have in your wardrobe, personally I even prefer them to regular t-shirts (which always bunch up on me) and this pattern is the absolute BEES KNEES!