Nani Iro Highlands Wrap Dress

A review of Highlands Wrap Dress


Reviewed by FrockingLouLou on 1st February, 2019

I bought the Highlands Wrap Dress pattern specifically to use with my Nani Iro as the fabric wasn’t wide enough for the skirt pieces of any of my other wrap dress patterns. Whilst a wrap dress is simple and easy to wear, this particular pattern is a little more complex than it may appear, as it has closures (hidden buttons and button tabs to make sure the dress stays closed), and an elasticised back waistband which adds more shape to the garment. It’s also an exercise in precision and detail, a lot of pressing (my Hot Hemmer got a workout), and the whole neckline/garment front is stitched, understitched, then topstitched.

I cut the size for my measurements and didn’t toile – risky behaviour I know, but luckily the dress fits perfectly. I reduced the length (because I’m not very tall!) but unfortunately I made the mistake of not changing the length of the slits; so at first pass the slits were a bit risqué! As I had already basically completed the whole dress at this point, I handstitched the slits closed, but this is basically the only adjustment I’d make for next time. This is such a beautiful garment in the end and I’m so pleased with the outcome.