Myosotis dress

A review of Myosotis Dress


Reviewed by sleeplessinbavaria on 19th October, 2018

Good morning everyone! Since we’re currently facing another heat wave, I decided to sew a “I’m in an excellent mood Dress”. Those of you who are active members on Instagram or are subscribed to Deer and Doe’s Newsletter will know, that they dropped their new summer collection in May. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with their patterns this time around and decided that I wasn’t going to purchase anything…That was until I saw Fiona’s most brilliant Myosotis Dress! OMG!!!! I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!!

In her post, Fiona goes into Detail, how she adjusted her Myosotis which made me think ….YOU CAN DO IT!!! So I downloaded the pattern, sent it to my copyshop and had the pattern in my Mailbox the next day. The pattern needs A LOT OF FABRIC, which is Kind of a good Thing, as my fabric stash is out of control…YIKES… for a Brief Moment I thought about ordering White viscose and then told myself TO USE MY STASH!!!! The blush viscose twill I pulled out from under the Sofa in my sewing room, is from Fabric Godmother. The fabric is truly a dream to work with and I was congratulating myself for having the foresight of ordering it in black as well! LOL!!

I chose to sew up version 2 with the miles and miles of gathers.. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? My measurements put me in a size 40 but I didn’t want to look like I was wearing a sack and therefore sized down to a size 38. Fiona sewed on waist ties to take in the Dress on the sides and I shamelessly decided to do the same. I will admit, that I was stressing myself out, because I only had a few scraps left over to make the ties…it worked out in the end, thank goodness! The Buttons are from my stash, I can’t remember where I got them from SORRY!!!! I also lengthened the bodice by 2 inches, as it would have been way too short.

The construction of the Dress was quite easy, but I will warn you, you will spend hours GATHERING AND GATHERING AND GATHERING….. First you gather the sleeves and then the bottom part of the skirt and then you gather the top part of the skirt and then you run out of colour coordinated thread and burst into tears… LOL… No, it wasn’t that bad but I will confess, that after I gathered the bottom part of the skirt, I threw the dress into a corner of my sewing room, where it sulked for 4 weeks until I felt bad and finished it. IcChose to use my rolled-hemming foot to finish the hems of the skirt and sleeve, and that was the most excellent Idea I’ve had in a while, a I wasnot capable of finishing all the hems with bias binding…. SORRY NOT SORRY!

If you are still reading this post, I applaud you! I really love my Myosotis Dress and am glad, that I am trying out different Silhouettes. Wishing you all an amazing July and I hope it continue to stay this warm for a little while longer!