My new favourite cossie

A review of Friday Pattern Company Seabright Swimmer

Reviewed by Sewmancer on 17th May, 2019

I’ve made the cashmerette ipswich and this as my new swimmers. I’m in the plus side range and needed to make some swimsuits that I was both comfortable in and less likely than my purchased one to cause a nipslip! I really loved this pattern. I didn’t make an FBA but really should have and should have sized up the sleeves for easier on/off. I made the plus size tester version so the final sleeve sizing may be better suited to my arm circumference. I loved the arm coverage here – great to reduce the amount of sunscreen I have to coat myself in for an overseas holiday. While the front is quite low cut, I felt the arm coverage cancelled out my discomfort about being too “on show” – possibly chalk that feeling up to my repressed Irish genes (or the associated Catholic school upbringing). Looking forward to version number 2 (with the FBA and aforementioned wider sleeves).