Might steal for myself

A review of Wardrobe by Me Men's Ziggy Zipper Hoodie

Reviewed by Pickyyy on 11th September, 2022

Bought the pattern impulsively while drunk, then found this amazing double sided fabric from The New Craft House and came up with a plan.

The instructions and diagrams aren’t great, but the accompanying video does help.
I like the big pockets and wide bands at the cuffs and waist.  The hood isn’t huge, and he likes them assassins creed-esque.  I was able to make it slightly bigger by narrowing the channel for the ties, but next time I think I would redraft the hood pattern piece to enlarge it.

The method for enclosing the zip and ends of the waistband is neat and I didn’t have problems with sewing through multiple layers of the jersey (which has a slight bit of filling to make it really warm) as long as I jumped the lumps with my trusty folded up bit of cardboard.  I made this over a weekend, so didn’t take long.

I do have a ‘big four’ hoodie pattern but I like this one better because you can choose a length.  The size range isn’t great, maximum chest is 114cm which I think would be too small for a lot of people.

Overall I’m really please with the finished result and slightly annoyed that it looks so good on him that I can’t legitimately steal it.