Melilot Shirt

A review of Mélilot Shirt

Reviewed by Emmas_Atelier on 4th April, 2021

I recently made the Melilot shirt pattern. It is such a timeless style and a great entry into shirt making or want to make a button-up shirt will a small amount of fabric.

The shirt has lovely shaping which looks great with lots of different garments. In my first versions of this make, I should have adjusted the pattern to have a 2cm swayback adjustment. If you look at this blogpost you can see the pooling of extra fabric at the lower back this is no longer present in my newest version of the garment. I shortened the hem and straightened it as I am short-waisted. I have a D-cup and the C-cup that Deer and Doe draft for fits me perfectly.

I love this lady Mc Elroy fabric it is a garment in my wardrobe which people comment on.