Melilot shirt

A review of Mélilot Shirt

Reviewed by SewingByLetters on 22nd December, 2017

I sewed the long sleeved version of the pattern with full collar and exposed placket in Robert Kaufman cotton-rayon blue-gray chambray. Although there is a decent drape to my fabric, it was very stable, which made some of the finicky details reasonable for my sewing skills. I think that a slippery fabric like poly or silk would really up the difficulty, especially for the long sleeved version. I think that this is already mentioned elsewhere on the interwebs, but I would *really* double check your sleeve length to your arm length. I’m not a super tall or lanky person, and I will add 1.5″ – 2″ to the sleeve length next time. All that being said, other than the arm length, this dress shirt has an amazing fit! I constantly get compliments, and astonished looks when I tell people that I made it. I would highly recommend the pattern for hourglass to slightly pear shapes, as I can vouch for the excellent fit. It is a great basic piece, and I plan to sew at least two more – one long sleeved and one short sleeved.