Melilot shirt

A review of Mélilot Shirt

Reviewed by SewSarahSmith on 19th October, 2018

I’ve made two Melilot to date with more planned. It took me a while to register that Deer & Doe draft for an hourglass and a C/D cup and I was really thrilled that this fit straight out of the envelope with no adjustments. That said, I normally take out length from the sleeve as I’m only 5.3” but in this case it was unnecessary. I’d say if you’re much taller than me there is a possibility you might have to lengthen them.

This was my first foray into their pattern line and I found the instructions to be succinct which for the most part was fine. However, it was my first attempt at sewing full on sleeve packets and I had to search the internet for a bit more guidance as the instructions in this part didn’t overly fill me with confidence. That said, once I’d sewn one I realised just how straightforward they actually are. Isn’t that always the way?! I also ignored the instructions for sewing on the collar and used my own method.

I made two versions, a blousy one in viscose and a more formal shirt in lawn, and they look and feel quite different but both are welcome additions to my wardrobe.

The full blog post, including how insew on the collar and the resource I used to clarify the sleeve placket can be found over on my blog

Sarah x