McCalls dress 6696

A review of McCalls Dresses and Slip M6696

Reviewed by idaaidasewing on 16th July, 2016

This is my favourite shirt dress pattern, choose to make view D with short sleeves!
I made a few alterations, some were intentional and other due to necesity. For this version I wanted to make the collar narrower and I also added a sleeve band. I had to add two extra darts in the back and 2 pleates on the front because somehow I cut the skirt bigger and at that moment that’s how I decided to solve the problem, I don’t mind the extra darts but the front pleates bother me a bit, not enough though to start unpicking the skirt.
In my first version I reduced completely the puffiness in the back but this time I reduced only half of that, around 3 cm in the center and reduced it to nothing in the side seames.
I used a combinations of fabrics voile, broadcloth and african wax which I think go pretty well together.
I can’t say that it looks exactly like the pattern envelope becuase of the changes I made but that’s because of my choice not that there was smth wrong with the patter.
Can’t think of a reason to use another pattern in case I want to make a shirt dress and I highly recomend it!
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