Maggi for yoga and lounging

A review of Melilot Unisex Maggi Sweater

Reviewed by Ingunn on 15th February, 2021

Maggi is a great basic raglan sweater. I made mine for doing yoga, but frankly I use it even more for lounging. My version is made in a soft french terry, but you can make it in any fabric with a little stretch.

Maggi is unisex and comes with two long sleeve lengths depending on wether you are sewing for a man or a woman. The bodice is quite long, but easy to adjust. It can be made into a t-shirt as well. The size range is generous, you get great value in just one pattern.

The instructions are excellent, too, and even a complete beginner should be able to make this without any problems. If you would like to read more, I’ve written a blog post about Maggi, too.