Loving the Linden love

A review of Linden Sweatshirt

Reviewed by @whatsophiesewed on 5th April, 2019

I can see why there’s so much love for the Linden. This was the first sweatshirt that I’ve made and it came together so quickly.

My current measurements (34/29/37) put me at a size 6 but I cut an 8 as I wanted a bit more slouchiness as I made it in this gorgeously soft and squishy fleece backed sweatshirting. If I made it in a thinner fabric I think I’d size back down to a size 6. I love the neckline on this as, on me, a crew neckline can look a bit matronly so this is perfect.
Other amendments included increasing the body length by 1″ and reducing the arm length by 1″. I also reducing the waistband pattern piece by 1.5cm and the cuff pattern piece by 1cm as they were a bit too loose.