Lovely dress

A review of Named Syli Dress and Blouse

Reviewed by paula.kaaria on 29th December, 2022

Syli dress is a sweet dress which is easy to dress up or down. I made it for festive season and chose sky blue linen for the fabric. The dress was easy to sew despite it had many steps to take until it was finished. I learned how to make tucs across the skirt part and sleeves, and also  a nice construction on bodice at high bust area. Instructions were clear as allways with Named clothing and they were easy to follow. I made also a toile with white tablecloth and shortened the skirt about 15 cm because there was not enough fabric. In the end the toile became also wearable. And lovely for festive season as well for example with red stockings. To toile I also tried the sleeve from blouse version and added only one tuc to the skirt. I also added a belt. And these two dresses look all different.  There are two options to choose from: a dress with a blouse or just the dress. I chose both of them ( dress and blouse)and I am happy for my choice. Because there is no fastening dress is easy to sew and as well when following instructions there is nothing tricky. Diagrams are also helpfull and I found them usefull as well. I made size M. By checking my bust measurement. And I found that it was accurate. I also cut the dress bodice part off the grain and saved by that some of my fabric I did not have enough. I washed the garment and it was all well though cutting it against the grain.  The dress is over sized and loose and with such charm I find it easy to wear in different occasions and yet feel stylish. I do recommend.