Lovely bag for holidays, day trips etc

A review of Noodlehead Sandhill Sling Bag

Reviewed by HelenLd on 1st September, 2023

Very nice pattern which makes a really attractive bag of very practical size. Like the inside and outside pockets – good at keeping things separate. Was a bit surprised to find that most of the pattern is just box measurements – there’s only pattern pieces for the strap connector and curve guide. You’ll need to allow extra time for this. I did the measurements on thick paper to make a pattern so I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of measuring etc if I wanted to remake in the future.

The instruction booklet is lovely, very clear with two great videos linked by QR code (and link) for 2 trickier bits.

If a present you do need ideally to know which side the person will wear it on, alternatively you’ll need 2 rings for the bottom to give them the choice.

Getting the corners neat and even looking is very tricky and these took me a long time to make (I’m v slow) but was really worth it.

Only downside was how hard it was to find the right size hardware in the UK.

I’m really pleased with these, worth taking my time to do a decent job. Would definitely make another of their patterns in the future.