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A review of True Bias Ogden Cami

Reviewed by Project_Life_Pursuit on 20th May, 2020

I didn’t make any adjustments. I had read loads of blog posts and Instagram posts, and many of them advise lengthening the pattern (I’m 5ft8, so I thought I may well regret not following this advice) and also shortening / widening the straps. I had enough fabric to have a second go if I messed up irretrievably on the first attempt, but it turns out I’m really pleased with the fit of it. I have a small bust, so this may be why the length still works well for me even though I’m fairly tall (it might be a good idea to add a bit to the length if you’re on the taller side), and I tested out the length of the straps part way through and was surprised that they seemed perfect without adjustments.


I would consider buying True / Bias patterns as PDF version in future, and have them printed A0 size. The pattern paper is tissue paper, and although I’m sure this is very common for pattern companies I’m used to Tilly and the Buttons patterns, which are printed on a much sturdier paper. It was fine in the end, and I do really like the packaging (my baby also really likes it. He kept kissing the model on the front!), but I’m planning on this pattern becoming a big part of my future wardrobe and I’ll be needing to trace it a few times, so it’d be better for me if it was on a tougher paper.


This is a great pattern for a beginner, and i already have plans for lots more versions. I’ve written a blogpost about it here