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A review of Waves & Wild Heyday Dungarees

Reviewed by Mel Forrest on 1st October, 2020

I have seen some awesome versions of this pattern popping up on Instagram and they are a really similar style to my much-worn ready-to-wear dungarees. The pattern itself if very simple and would be a good project for a beginner sewist. The dungarees feature 5 pockets, loops to tie the extra long straps and a relaxed fit

I have made a few pairs of dungarees, but none are as comfy as my favourite ready-to-wear pair and I don’t reach for them in my wardrobe as much. So what is the missing ingredient? STRETCH CORDUROY! I’m annoyed it took me so long to realise this as it’s really obvious, but that little bit of stretch makes all the difference to wearability. I bought 2 metres of navy needlecord for this project from Sew Me Sunshine, which has 20% crosswise stretch and it is absolutely perfect!

Construction was easy and the instruction booklet is very clear and detailed. I decided to add a simple facing to the front and back bib to get a cleaner finish, so I went off-piste a bit with the recommended steps and just sewed in the order that seemed logical to me.

I made the size XS (my measurements are B33″/W27’/H37″) and I’m really pleased with the fit. I made a couple of basic adjustments to the pattern to get the look I was after and you can read more about the changes I made on my blog.

Of course the finishing touch was to add a label to the front pocket in the same style as my ready-to-wear dungarees. Mog got very involved in ‘helping’ with this project, so the obvious choice was a ‘contains cat hair’ label by Pink Coat Club!